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We Are Committed to Community Service, Partnerships and Advocacy 

During 2022-2024, we commit to ourselves and to you -- the community to make a difference.   


Our focus as outlined in our Strategic Plan (2022-2024)  is to inspire and engage our communities on the importance of a more just future for human rights and address issues of racism. 

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

"We INVITE YOU to make a commitment to join us in this journey. Serving a community is no small undertaking, but TOGETHER, we are unstoppable".
Venice Pride, Inc.

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Our Vision, Mission and Core Values Guide Our Work for Equality & Inclusion  


June 2022

Car Parade


July 2022 

Concert in the Park 


Create a more just future for the LGBTQ+ community and allies where human rights and a commitment to address racism is visible and affirmed



We serve the LGBTQ+ community and allies working together with partners on initiatives where all generations are welcome and thrive

Core Values
Diversity | Creativity | Courage

A portion of Gilbert Baker's, "Sea-to-Sea Rainbow Flag" From 2003's Key West celebration.
Gilbert made it in 2003 for the 25th anniversary of the Rainbow Flag and the flag in its entirety was 1.25 miles long and FirstCoast, MCC had a portion of it presented to them. 

The flag has gone from Key West to St Augustine and now to Venice. 

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