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Historic Downtown Venice Community Festival Sponsor and Vendor Information 

Saturday, Nov. 12, 2022 - 11AM to 4PM, Centennial Park, Venice, FL

Review and complete the following:



 have read and agree to the following:


  • FORFEITURE AGREEMENT: Vendor agrees to follow all instructions as given by Venice Pride, Inc. organizers. Failure to do so may result in immediate termination of this agreement and forfeiture of any/all fees paid.

  • SET-UP/TEAR DOWN: Vendor must setup by 10:30AM on the date of the event. Arrival after that time will result in forfeiture of fees paid. Do not arrive before 8AM. No tear-down before 4PM.

  • SUBLETTING PROHIBITED: No organization/business/individual may share a registered vendor’s space. Doing so may result in forfeiture of any/all fees paid.

  • PROHIBITIONS: Vendors may not sell or give away merchandise beyond the scope of that which is the scope of your business/organization.

  • DAMAGES: Vendor acknowledges its liability, and agrees to compensate Venice Pride, Inc. for any damages caused by, including but not limited to, its representatives, agents, employees, volunteers, members, vehicles, equipment, materials, etc. for any damage to persons or the property during the Venice Pride event.

  • NO AMPLIFIED SOUND: Any amplified sound from your space is prohibited.

  • FOOD/BEVERAGE SALES: Vendors may not sell food or beverages in order that we can support our local restaurants located in the area.

What time works for you?

Admission fee for this course is $10


Thanks for registering!

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